Rick Franklin Coaching Longevity Award


Dear SIJHSAA Member School AD's:
Beginning with this year, the SIJHSAA will be giving out the Rick Franklin Longevity Award.  The Rick Franklin Longevity Award is an award that recognizes coaches that have been coaching for at least 20 years in the same district.  Schools will be able to honor coaches 5 years retroactive from this year.   (That means coaches that have retired within the last 5 years may be honored) Please check out the criteria to see if your applicant qualifies.  If your applicant meets all of the criteria, fill out the form and follow the instructions on the form.
The award will be sent to the school and the school can decide how they want to present the award.  For example, at halftime of a basketball game or at a school board meeting just to name a couple.  Please realize that after filling out the form, confirming the information, sending it to our trophy provider, and sending it to your school, can take a little time.  So have this in mind when you are giving the award.
Also, the SIJHSAA would like pictures taken of the award presentation and e-mailed to Geff Purcell (geff@americana.com) and Greg Hale (sijhsaa@gmail.com) so we can put them on our website. (Please ID your pictures)
Download application below
Tracy Lauderdale
President-Board of Control


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