Boys Individual & Team Bowling
State Tournament

Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Clair Bowl
5950 Collinsville Road
Fairview Hts,  IL


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Boys Teams
1. Collinsville 4321
2. Joseph Arthur - O'Fallon
3. Fulton - O'Fallon
4. Carriel - O'Fallon 3941


Individual Boys Division
1. Tyler Hunter
2. Andrew Orf
Joseph Arthur - O'Fallon
3. Zach Scott
Carriel - O'Fallon
4. Clay Hartman
5. Adam Restivo
6. Josh Bradshaw
Joseph Arthur - O'Fallon
7. Hayden Juenger
8. Mark Hoerner
Fulton - O'Fallon
9. Seth Staley
10. Zach Campbell
11. Troy Shults
12. Andrew Clements
Fulton - O'Fallon
13. Jake Gray
Wolf Branch
14. Adam Drewry Fulton - O'Fallon
15. Andrew Mettler



Tournament Manager:  Mike Imes
(O’Fallon High School Bowling Coach,
IESA Bowling State Tournament Consultant,
IHSA State Tournament Manager & Manager St. Clair Bowl)

Tournament Host:  Carriel Jr. High School – Tracy Lauderdale, AD 618-920-9963

Entries: Schools may enter 4 boys which comprises a team.
These bowlers will compete in both the individual tournament and the team tournament.
Schools which enter 3 bowlers or less will compete in the individual tournament.
The maximum number of entries for boys 100 bowlers.

Format:  2 sessions of 3 games with total pins deciding the winners.

Tournament Schedule
Coaches Meeting   9:00 am
Opening Ceremony   9:30 am
Warm-up   9:45 am
1st Session of Bowling 10:00 am
 Lunch 12:45 pm
 Warm-up   1:15 pm
2nd Session of Bowling   1:30 pm
Awards Ceremony
  4:45 pm

Bowler Costs:  $20 per bowler entered. (Pays lane fees for the 6 games)

Association Fee:  $30 entry for this sport just as others entered in the SIJHSAA.
This will be collected with the Intent To Play Card for 2012.
This will be e-mailed out on Dec. 1, 2011.

Awards:  The top 15 individuals in each division would receive medals.
Top 4 Teams will receive trophy's and medals for team members

Admission:  $5 Adults and $2 for Students 8th grade and down.
Spectators will enter the Main Entrance (West end of building)

Pass Gate: Coaches and Participants will enter the Pass Gate (South end of building)

Concessions:   St. Clair Bowl on site.

T-Shirts:  $10 per shirt

2013 Boys 1st Collinsville

State Champions - Collinsville


2013 Boys 2nd Joseph Arthur

2nd Place - Joeseph Arthur - O'Faloon


2013 Boys 3rd Fulton OFallon

3rd Place - Fulton - O'Faloon


2013 Boys 4th Carriel OFallon

4th Place - Carriel - OFallon


2013 Boys Top 15

Top 15 Individuals