SIJHSAA Board & Committee Members
Board of Control
As of July 1, 2023


Greg Frehner, Vice-President Vienna  2025
Josh Staples Jonesboro 2025
Tom Roper Marion 2025
Ryan Fritch Pope County 2 2025
Reggie Norman Benton 2025
J.C. Davis Benton 2025
Jason Finke, President Nashville 2024
Jeremy Cornett DuQuoin 4 2024
Justin Palm St.John Lutheran Red Bud 5 2026
Brock Quigley Red Bud 5 2026
Tim Baum West-Belleville 6 2026
Joe Glynn Whiteside-Bellevile 6 2026
Darrel Brokering  Wesclin 2026
Darin Smith Carlyle 2023
Wayne Stone Field 2024
Kevin Bowen Cisne  2024
Derek Vincent Iuka 2024
Suzie Worman Salem 2024
Bob Bowser Allendale 10  2026
John Winters Flora 10  2026


Steering Committee
Russ Hobbs (Christopher);   Chuck Goforth (Anna);  Greg Frehner (Vienna);  Mike Hanson(Shawnee);  Mike Hayes (Field);  Mitch Haskins (Meridian);  Mary Ringering(Red Bud);  Tom Roper (Marion);  Lewis Schweizer(Pinckneyville);  Jason Finke(Nashville);  David Russell(Z-R); Rick Franklin (Olney)
 Stephen J. Hough, Attorney  110 S. Whittle Ave.   Olney, Il.  62450    618-395-1986





Information Concerning the 2023 Spring Election

1. The Regions holding elections in 2023 are 5, 6, 7 & 10.
  Region 5 incumbents:  Justin Palm (St. John Lu.-Red Bud) & Jonathan Norton (Sparta
  Region 6 incumbents:  Tim Baum (West-Belleville) & Nick Knolhoff (Wolf Branch)
  Region 7 incumbents:  Darin Smith (Carlyle) & Vacant Seat
  Region 10 incumbents: Bob Bowser (Allendale) & John WInters (Flora)
2. Incumbents may be nominated again, as we have no statute on how many terms a Board of Control member may serve. Region 5, 6, 7, & 10  schools will be nominating for 2 seats.
4. NOMINEES must be full time, ISBE certified employees of a SIJHSAA member school within the Geographic Area he or she represents.  Each member school within that Geographic Region may nominate one member for each vacancy in their region.
5. On or before April 1 nomination forms will electronically sent to eligibile voters of each school in respective BOC Regions up for election.  They may nominate one person for each two (2)position open in their Board of Control Region.  Fax or email nominations 357-2987 or  Nominations must be in the Directors Office  no later April 14. 
6. Eleciton Ballots will be mailed or emailed out prior to April 25.  The election ballots for the respective regions will contain the names of the nominees from the respective regions.  These ballots must be returned to the Executive Director's Office , no later than May 10.